PRODUCT overview

The world of CREATON products

CREATON only uses natural clay raw materials that come from German's best extraction sites. The choice quality of all materials used is the basis for the unique surface finish that make CREATON roof tiles especially durable, timelessly beautiful and environmentally friendly. We deliberately avoid the use of chemical additives. CREATON stands for pure natural products , environmentally compatible technology and the desire to promote living in healthy surroundings.

CREATON's quality products are ...

  • Moisture and frost resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Durable
  • Diffusion resistant
  • Manufactured in an environmentally-friendly manner

Trustworthy raw material

Rely on clay!

As the first construction material made by human hands, the tile has a tradition which goes back almost ten thousand years. With the four elements of earth, water, air and fire, people satisfied the elementary need for protection and living space in very early times.

With excellent physical and natural properties, clay was and remains the most popular and reliable building material. Its unique synthesis provides outstanding protection against moisture and frost. It is vapour-permeable, fire resistant, UV resistant and extremely durable. These are further aspects that have always affirmed down to the present day the clay tile as a preferred building material, particularly from a sustainability viewpoint, which is therefore also indispensable for GREATON in accessory production.

ROOF overview

Our clay roof tile products at a glance
Here, you'll find a complete overview of our large brand programme. In addition, the navigation arrows on the left allow you to click through our individual style models and view the product details directly.

Interlocking tiles

Retro-style pantiles

Flat tiles

Interlocking pantiles

Concave interlocking pantiles

Large-surface flexible tiles

Special shapes

Plaine tiles

Maximum technology!

Experience the intelligent combination of interlock technology and aesthetics.
Do not compromise. Decide on our best products!

When you look for the differences between FUTURA, SINFONIE and PREMION, you'll initially be impressed by the features they have in common. because all three premium tiles offer sophisticated interlock technology, large format coverage, lasting protection and, thus, consistent value preservation. The foundation is a thoroughly intelligent solution that – due to sophisticated technology – easily withstands wind and weather with roof pitches as low as 10°. CREATON combines maximum reliability with shallow roof pitches with top quality, based on the latest findings in statics, water control and flow behaviour.


The demands on a low pitched roof are very high.
The flatter the roof, the faster wind-driven rain water can penetrate the sub-roof zone. Backed-up water from snow and ice dam formation also presents risks. Since the flow of rain water slows significantly on flat roof pitches, the level of soiling (pine needles, leaves, moss) increases, especially with roof tiles with low or completely open interlocks. In order that you can use the extraordinary benefits of real clay roof tiles with even extremely low roof pitches, we have developed three unique roof tile models; the FUTURA large-format tile, the large-format SINFONIE curved interlocking tile and the through and through coloured PREMION with the „HIGH FIRING FACTOR“. All three are distinguished by numerous patented features.