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ESTRICHZIEGEL - floor pavement tile of CREATON

The quickly accessible floor pavement tile of natural clay.

You wish to complete your building shell at a good speed? 6–8 weeks of drying period seems too long for you? You wish to continue your work without extensive interruptions? You do not see any sense in carrying litres of water into your house in order to wait subsequently for months for it to dry? Then, you've taken the right decision in favour of „ESTRICHZIEGEL“. The floating dry pavement of burnt-clay tiles satisfies the increased demands on natural building materials at the highest quality level. Provided with its high class characteristics, you are offered a CREATON product with unique advantages. The rational production in the most modern European plants additionally allows for an outstanding cost/performance ratio.

Available colours:



A solid foundation with convincing advantages

    The „ESTRICHZIEGEL“ can be laid simply and fast even by one person. Even the simplest tools are completely sufficient. Laying is possible already above a temperature of 5°C due to the outstanding adhesion of the CREATON special adhesive.

    At room temperature, „ESTRICHZIEGEL“ of CREATON are accessible already after approx. 24 hours. Compared with other wet pavements, construction can thus be completed 4 to 6 weeks earlier.

    The optimal physical properties of the burnt-clay tile will render the floor pavement universally applicable even under extreme conditions. The low thermal expansion coefficient is particularly advantageous here, as it allows for the laying of areas with side lengths of 20 m not requiring any expansion joints. In addition, the thermal conductivity of an installed floor heating will benefit from the good heat transition.

    The high thermal conductivity and the low mass of the „ESTRICHZIEGEL“ allow for the room temperature increase requiring merely 1/3 of the time needed with common wet floor pavements, which will lead to considerable energy savings.

    Due to its resistance to pressure and flexural strength, the CREATON tile constitutes a dry floor pavement that can be exposed to high pressures and strains. The results of this robust material consistency are an extraordinary durability and high point pressure resistance. The „ESTRICHZIEGEL“ is non-inflammable according to DIN 4102.

    Due to its low construction height of 2 cm and a comparatively low weight of approx. 40 kg/m2, the high-quality „ESTRICHZIEGEL“ is the absolutely perfect solution for the restoration of old buildings.

    The „ESTRICHZIEGEL“ of CREATON is a waterproof dry floor pavement, which does not disintegrate as a consequence of sweeping moisture and neither does it bulk or shrink. This makes the tile indifferent to application in wet or damp locations.

    A variety of colours and naturally smooth, finely-shaped surfaces – these features are turning our „ESTRICHZIEGEL“ into an aesthetic and reasonably-priced floor pavement for a variety of appeals. The glazed or unglazed tile body will ensure a long-lived aesthetic appearance over decades.

    High quality, longevity and a convincing price – this will result in the efficiency you wished for. A result produced by the sum of all the advantages of the CREATON branded product. No matter whether it is the simple laying, the short drying period or the suitability as a visible floor pavement of rustic appearance – you will be saving time and much money in any case.

    The „ESTRICHZIEGEL“ is produced in accordance with the CREATON Purity Principle. As the tile consist exclusively of the four elements of fire, water, earth and air, harmful waste and industrial effluents are avoided. Even the exciting colouring is attributed solely to natural clays.


„ESTRICHZIEGEL“ of CREATON can simply and quickly be laid, without specialist knowledge and by using simple tools:

  • glue container to prepare the mix and measuring cup (with graduation for the exact proportion of water)
  • dipping bucket
  • water stripping roller to fit the bucket
  • scraper (epoxy resin)
  • small trowel, large trowel
  • sponge board
  • stirring gear and drilling machine
  • wet cutter

Laying with floor heating

The outstanding heat transition of the CREATON-"ESTRICHZIEGEL" allows for a quick and thus energy-saving adjustment. The reaction time of the heating-up period is shortened considerably, the room will warm very quickly.

In connection with suitable floor heating systems – particularly high-resistance foam sheets with heat conducting metal plates that are inserted plastic or metal composite tubes – the outstanding features of the CREATON- "ESTRICHZIEGEL" do not fail to have the desired optimal effect.:

  • Low flow temperature in the floor heating system
  • Ideal for use in connection with heat pumps, condensing boiler technology and solar energy
  • Can be accessed and heated up already after 24 h