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CREATON roof soffits and closures: versatile in every situation.

Durable fibre cement panels as an aesthetic, low-maintenance alternative to wood.

CREATON roof soffits and closures are the economical and visually attractive alternative to high-maintenance wood for roof closures, soffits and parapet claddings. In addition, they are suitable for cladding eaves, verges and dormers. The double, hot-film-applied, pure acrylate coating ensures a durable, appealing appearance and excellent protection against storms and driving rain.

Moisture and frost resistant


Environmentally friendly

Roof soffits

You can obtain our CREATON roof soffits in the following formats and colours:

with punched edge

  • 3130x1280x5 mm
  • 2530x1280x5 mm

without punched edge

  • 1550x200x5 mm
  • 1550x300x5 mm
  • 2500x200x5 mm
  • 2500x300x5 mm
dark grey
dark brown
light grey



  • Torx T20 stainless steel for wood substructure: 5.5x35 mm

Black joint tape

  • EPDM joint tape: 2000x130 mm
  • EPDM joint tape: 2000x110 mm
  • EPDM joint tape: 2000x70 mm

Roof closures

You can obtain the matching roof closure in the following colours:

  • blue-black
  • black
  • dark brown
  • classic red
  • brick red
  • dark red
  • wine red
  • crystal white
  • pale grey
  • zinc grey