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Original CREATON accessories - sophisticated down to the finest detail.

The need: Why original accessories?

In addition to aesthetic requirements, original accessories on the roof also fulfil functional or technical tasks. Technically flawless rear ventilation of the roof area must be guaranteed, so moisture beneath the roof covering can be removed by the air, thus protecting the substructure. This is guaranteed, for example, by use of ridge connection
ventilating tiles or field ventilating tiles.

Technically flawless accessory solutions must also be used for penetrations of the roof area, such as the installation of aerial or solar systems. Every penetration of the roof surface is after all a potential risk for moisture ingress. Protection from rain intrusion can be
guaranteed by using original accessory components. Of course, accessory components also fulfil an aesthetic requirement. A completely ceramic roof covering appears to be made of one piece, as long as matching original ceramic accessories are used.

Original CREATON accessories – aesthetic, reliable and high quality.

Full ceramic roof connection

Durability due to the rear ventilation

Your roof should not only be beautiful, but also technically perfect. You therefore always rely on a trustworthy  natural raw material with excellent properties by using original CREATON components: outstanding protection against moisture and frost accompanied by vapour permeability, UV resistance and the best possible resistance to ageing.

The full ceramic ridge solution, for example, offers the perfect technical and visual solution. Consisting of ridge tile, ridge connection ventilation tile, ridge end plate and the patented „FIRSTFIX“ system, this all-in-one solution provides many advantages.

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Roof penetrations

Perfect through and through: Externally aesthetic, internally reliable and high quality throughout.


Every roof penetration is accompanied by the risk of moisture and water ingress into the substructure. You should therefore ensure peace of mind in precisely these applications by using the CREATON system. Due to easy installation and sophisticated system components, you are always on the safe side where correct roof penetrations are involved – for easy, fast, correct installation.

Due to advanced system components, you will have long-term benefits from the perfect combination of external aesthetics and secure internal connection with the sub-roof. Thus, the system set guarantees a durable, high quality roof penetration with maximum protection against rain intrusion.

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Step and snow guard systems

Inconspicuous and highly effective.

Special CREATON step systems were developed for roof access, are distinguished by safe, non-slip treads and match the roof perfectly. The stable aluminium base elements offer numerous possibilities for safe roof access during maintenance work.

The aluminium product range is complemented by a versatile snow guard system, especially in regions with heavy snowfall. Whether for a snow guard grid, log brackets or even massive mountain snow guard supports, appropriate matching base elements were developed for the particular tile models. They integrate perfectly into the roof surface and ensure easy, secure installation of the flexible components. This makes your roof secure, visually pleasing and of a high quality in the long run.

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