FIRSTFIX - Flexibility of high-grade steel.

The ridge clamp wire is universally applicable for battens up to 40 x 60 mm. The ridge clamp itself uses a special slot-claw-technique that ties the clamp wire after it has been pulled trough and bent off firmly in the guiding slot allowing for a secure and economical laying without tools. The „S-shaped“ ridge clamp is plugged on the ridge tile, meaning that in the course of the fastening of the ridge tiles, this clamp must not be held and the installer is able to work safely as his hands remain free.
Ridge start and ridge end can be closed without problems using the ceramic functional starting and ending plates. The functional starting and ending plates are supplied ready for assembly, including a special screw and installed directly at the ridge tile. In this context, it is irrelevant whether you work at the ridge start or at the cut ridge end. The time-consuming fitting of a ridge tile fitting piece can be omitted. The ridge starting and the ridge ending tiles are secured by means of the seal disc and clamping claw (set of 4 pieces each) and an additional ridge clamp wire.

Appearance and processing are in ideal harmony

With its ridge connection ventilation tile, CREATON reached the perfection of roof weathering. The ideal complete solution for roofers, however, requires the suitable, simple installation method: FIRSTFIX of CREATON connects the ceramic ridge connection ventilation tile with the roof in a simple and perfect way. And with its innovative strength, CREATON again took into account the entire value creation chain and the interests of all partners involved to the smallest detail.