Durability due to rear ventilation

Your roof should not only be beautiful, but also technically perfect. You therefore always rely on the trustworthy natural raw material with its excellent properties when you use original CREATON components: optimal protection against moisture and frost accompanied by vapour permeability, UV resistance and the best possible resistance to ageing. The full ceramic ridge solution, for example, offers the perfect technical and visual solution in this regard.

Consisting of ridge tile, ridge connection ventilating tile, ridge and plate and the patented „FIRSTFIX“ system, this all-in-one solution provides many advantages.

Full ceramic ridge connection with ridge connection ventilating tile.

Visually perfect and reliable over the long-term; that's how the ideal roof termination looks. After all, a roof that breathes lasts significantly longer, and stays beautiful for decades. Spoilers and interlocking enable optimal ventilation. Even with very low roof pitches, the spoiler offers outstanding protection against rain intrusion.

Not ideal (mortar and plastic)

• Not colour-fast
• Requires increased maintenance work
• No comprehensive protection against rain intrusion
• No aesthetically appealing solution

Visually perfect connection at the ridge Lasting correct rear ventilation Low maintenance system
Shape and colour compatibility Best possible sub-roof moisture protection Lasting reliability
Maximum aesthetic appeal due to perfectly matched system files Technically perfect solution providing optimal protection against rain intrusion Patented, reliable fastening system
Permanent colour stability and UV resistance Protection against strong winds
completely ceramic connection plastic mortar
permanently colour-fast yes no no
uniform surface and ridge colour yes no yes
permanently maintenance-free yes no no
CREATON system guarantee yes no no
homogeneous connection between field and ridge yes no yes
ventilation up to 230cm²/m yes ? no
improved protection against rain intrusion yes no yes

System solution

Ridge connection ventilating tile           -        ridge starter and termination plate           -        ridge tile