Satellite and aerial mast

The new satellite and aerial mast in hot-dip galvanized steel, including cable cover, has the following features:

Product description

  • The satellite and aerial mast for pitched roofs is an innovative product in hot-dip galvanized steel.
  • The mast is available in red, black and reddish brown.
  • Installation can easily be carried out by one person. No intervention in the roof construction is necessary.
  • The special advantage: The mast can be positioned almost anywhere on the roof and infinitely adjusted to any roof pitch.
  • Using an adjustable steel tube, the base frame can be placed between rafters between 50 cm and 85 cm apart.
  • The tube is held by four locking screws. The base frame itself can be moved up or down on the counter batten as desired.
  • Only one spanner size is required for all fastenings.
  • The mast cover cap for the cable penetration enables raintight entry of up to 18 cables into the roof interior.

Important installation details

  • Make sure that the rafters have sufficient load-bearing capacity!
  • The satellite dish (max. Ø 100 cm) must be mounted as low as possible on the mast. Maximum attachment height 700 mm!
  • It is imperative that the respective, applicable standards and VDE provisions are observed when connecting the earthing screw to the lightning protection system. Lightning protection systems and their connections must be installed by specialists. Connection to lightning protection systems is mandatory!
  • No additional components, additional reflectors or Wave-Frontier aerials may be attached to the mast.
  • The load-bearing capacity and fastening must be ensured according to the fastening in the counter batten and rafters!