New SIGNUM clay outlet vent concept with universal adapter

CREATON does not wait until new standards require new products. As soon as there are signs of new standards, CREATON develops solutions that are innovative today and required tomorrow.
Current roof penetration example: DIN 1986-100, which is currently being finalised, results in expanded requirements for ventilation: In future, all toilet ventilation systems must execute the upper connection without a cover. All ventilation ducts that are connected to a fan must be built with the top closed. And a distance of at least 15 cm must be ensured between the water-carrying plane and the lower edge of the ventilation opening in the outlet vent.

Our solution for you.

CREATON has developed a new, flexible concept based on the SIGNUM full ceramic, clay outlet vent that already complies with the new DIN 1986-100. The product range includes four types with sizes from DN 100 to DN 200. The SIGNUM DN 100 with screw-on hood and the SIGNUM DN 125 with removable cover are suitable for outlet vents connected to linked ventilation, that serves to ventilate toilets for example, where the upper connection is completely open. If the cap is screwed on or the cover is mounted, both can be used for connection to a ventilation system.

SIGNUM DN 100 mm with screw-on hood

The hood is equipped with a plastic thread, making it suitable for both toilet ventilation and ventilation systems. Depending on requirements, the hood can be screwed on or off.

SIGNUM DN 125 mm with removable cover

The new oval hood has an opening with a fitted closure plate. In this way, the outlet vent element can be opened or closed, depending on the application (toilet ventilation or fan ventilation).

Perfectly connected

With their practical sub-roof adapter, including flexible hose connection, SIGNUM outlet vent elements are the convenient solution for watertight roof penetrations. The adapter is simply screwed into the penetration and fixed with the sealing ring - without any gluing. The rubber sleeve is connected to the upper sealing ring, thus guaranteeing a reliable watertight connection. Furthermore, the connection system is suitable for all sub-roof membranes and a diameter of up to approx. 200 mm. Also included in the package: a template for even more convenience and reliability during installation.

NEW: Functional system set of SIGNUM element, sub-roof adapter and hose connection
Note: Hose connection is only supplied with Signum DN 100 and DN 125.

Our great solutions.

The SIGNUM in DN 160 and DN 200 sizes is closed at the top and suitable for connection to ventilation systems with suitable, large ventilation pipe. Since different penetrations up to a diameter of 200 mm could be used, a flexible adapter is necessary. For this reason, the SIGNUM adapter used previously has been replaced by a new, universal sub-roof connection adapter, which is also suitable for other ceramic penetrations such as aerials or solar systems. Various sizes with matching accessory parts ensure great flexibility. They sit perfectly, also without complicated resealing, and have the same properties as a normal tile in terms of protection against rain intrusion.

The new SIGNUM products will be in the product range beginning on 1 April 2016 and will gradually replace the older model.

  • Perfect visual integration into the roof
  • Infinite design possibilities due to individual hood shapes
  • Permanent colour stability and fastness
  • Meets the specifications of ZVDH rules and EnEV
  • Efficient, secure connection to the sub-roof
  • Maximum protection against rain intrusion
  • Ageing-resistant system
  • High degree of flexibility due to different sizes with matching system accessory parts
  • Available as a system set for secure installation