Snow guards and steps

Inconspicuous and highly effective

Special CREATON step systems that are distinguished by safe, non-slip platforms and match the roof perfectly were developed for roof access. The stable aluminium base elements offer numerous possibilities for safe roof access during maintenance work.

The aluminium product range is complemented by a versatile snow guard system, especially in regions with heavy snowfall. Whether a snow guard grid, log brackets or even massive mountain snow guard supports, appropriate matching base elements were developed for the particular tile models. They integrate perfectly into the roof surface for easy, secure installation of the flexible components. This makes your roof secure, visually pleasing and high quality for the long run.

One base element for all requirements.

Base elements that match the shape and colour of the roof tile. Walkway grating, single tread, log brackets and snow guard grid supports.

  • Base elements that match the shape and colour of the roof tile
  • Attachable system components are delivered in matching colours
  • Optimum pressure distribution of forces
  • Protects against rain intrusion because it has the same interlock as the field tile
  • Tested in accordance with the applicable European test standards
  • Stable condition and maximum durability, even under high loads
  • Durable, robust and low maintenance
  • Weather and ageing-resistant

Snow guards and steps

Snow guard and step systems

CREATON original accessories - sophisticated down to the last detail.

In addition to aesthetic requirements, original accessories on the roof also fulfil functional or technical tasks. Technically flawless rear ventilation of the roof area must be guaranteed to ensure that moisture under the roof covering escapes with the air, which protects the substructure. This is guaranteed, for example, by use of ridge connection ventilating tiles or roof ventilation tiles.

Technically perfect accessories must also be used for penetrations of the roof surface, such as installation of aerials or solar systems. This is because every penetration of the roof surface poses a potential risk of moisture intrusion. Protection against rain intrusion can be guaranteed with original accessory components.

Of course, accessory components also fulfil an aesthetic requirement. A completely ceramic roof covering has a monolithic appearance, as long as matching original ceramic accessories are used.