The innovative CREATON installation system for solar systems.

The three available sizes – 60, 70 and 80 mm – cover almost every combination of clay roof tile model and bearing batten thickness

Secure, fast, and just right - that's how easy it is to describe the CREATON SOLAR SYSTEM BRACKET KIT. No commercial standard solar bracket solution can keep pace.
Not only is our system installed in the shortest time due to easy handling and dust-free solar installation without a cutting wheel, it guarantees, above all, maximum protection against rain intrusion in comparison to standard solutions.
In addition, the solar system bracket kit is perfectly matched to our clay roof tile product range and available for almost all CREATON branded products. This is the only way to guarantee a perfect fit.

Simply convincing:

  • Reliable: Guarantees maximum protection against rain intrusion in comparison to standard solutions.
  • Fast: Installed in minimum time due to easy handling.
  • Clean: Guarantees dust-free solar installation without a cutting wheel.
  • Just right: Perfect fit – matched to the CREATON clay roof tile product range.

Until now: Breakage and rain intrusion
To guarantee protection against rain intrusion, the SOLAR SYSTEM BRACKET KIT is indispensable. Otherwise: tile breakage is inevitable, water can enter unhindered. Not with the CREATON solution: It does not involve a commercial standard solution. The CREATON solution guarantees protection against rain intrusion while protecting the statics of the clay roof tile.

Until now: Defective execution
Defective execution can only be explained by the use of standardized universal brackets – which leads to a high level of complaints, and thus customer dissatisfaction. This involves unavoidable high costs. Not with the CREATON solution: no defects, no complaints – and that's good for the wallet.

Until now: Time-consuming handling
Commercial solutions often demand a high level of time expenditure caused by processing the clay roof tile, accompanied by large amounts of dust. Not with the CREATON solution: This means significant time savings and cost reductions. And: No dust due to mechanical cutting.

Easy fast installation:

Step 1:
Position solar bracket in coordination with the ventilating tile opening and counter batten.

Step 2:
Attach solar bracket to counter batten with screws.

Step 3:
A total of three screws are required.

Step 4:
Rain tight, installed SOLAR SYSTEM BRACKET KIT.

Fastening information:
The solar bracket and the field ventilator are included in the SOLAR SYSTEM BRACKET KIT, but the screws are not. CREATON recommends the brand name screws by Würth (WÜRTH ASSY, Typ Assy 3.0 SK washer head screws 120 mm long and 8 mm wide; AW 8.0 x 120/80, item no. 0184808120).
A cordless screw gun is sufficient for installation.

Individual consultation:
Our staff in the applications technology team will be
happy to answer all of your questions about the composition of the SOLAR SYSTEM BRACKET KIT.