The sub-roof membrane for exacting demands

Product description

  • Multi-layered, vapour-permeable, extruded sheathing and sub-roof membrane consisting of two monolithic TPU copolymer coatings and a PES non-woven fabric
  • Can be used in ventilated and unventilated roof structures as a trussing, sub-roof or sheathing membrane
  • Can be used as a water-tight sub-roof (in accordance with CREATON manufacturer's specifications) on a pressure-resistant underlay (e.g. sheathing).
  • Additional adhesive strips on the rear for initial setting make easy installation/welding possible
  • New TPU coating possible for more effective welding, especially with solvent welding agents.
  • Suitable for high stress
  • Resistant to chemical impregnation, chain saw oil, wood rot and mould.
  • In addition, KKS counter-batten cap strips are also available for sealing counter battens on a water-tight sub-roof
  • To be specially emphasised: scratch resistance and good elongation of the coating film
  • CREATON manufacturer's regulations must be complied with during installation

Installation instructions

  • CREATON QUATTRO is homogeneously welded using a hot air gun or CREATON QSM solvent welding agent over a width of 4 cm in the overlapping area of the longitudinal and transverse seams.
  • During processing, care must be taken to ensure that the welding joints are dry, dust and ice free and free of separating layers.
  • During solvent welding, the CREATON QSM solvent welding agent is applied to the overlap area of the upper and lower membranes over a width of at least 4 cm using the bottle with brush applicator.
  • Allow the QSM to flash off for approx. 15 seconds and then press the overlapping membranes together with a higher pressure using a pressure roller.
  • Welding with the hot air gun is carried out at a temperature of 180°C to 240°C. The hot air stream is directed with a fast, smooth movement into the overlap zone of the QUATTRO, which is then pressed together using a pressure roller.
  • Care must be taken during welding to ensure that no tension or folds form in the membrane in the overlap area. We always recommend examination of every weld seam.
  • QUATTRO can be welded on both sides. Thus, even smaller material pieces or offcuts can be used to construct details, e.g. at chimney corners or rooflights.
  • Mechanical damage must be properly welded with patches.
  • The adhesive strips on the reverse side only serve to make installation easier and have no waterproofing function.
  • Depending on the roof construction, the specific sd value of individual components must be taken into account.

Technical data according to EN 13895-1

Length 25 m (±0.5 m)
Width 1.5 m (±0.015 m)
Straigthness passed
Surface-related mass 360 g/m²
Fire resistance Class E
Resistance against water penetration W1
Water vapour permeability sd 0,20 m
Tensile strength Lengthwise 400 N
Transverse direction 470 N
Expansion Lengthwise 50%
Transverse direction 65%
resistance against tear propagation Lengthwise 310 N
Transverse direction 280 N
Dimensional accuracy 2%
Cold bending behaviour At -30° C passed
Polypropylene sheet four-coat


Width Length m²/Roll kg/Roll Rolls/Pal.
1.5 m 25 m 37,5 m² 14,5 kg 20 pieces