PROFIL 6 3/4 – The Economical One.

The PROFIL 6 ¾ corrugated sheet has proven itself, especially in agriculture and animal husbandry. The climate-regulating properties ensure more comfort for the animals, thus increasing income. The moisture-regulating and heat deflection properties pay off in this case. The fibre cement can absorb up to 25% of its dry weight and deliver it to the outside air. A complete solution for ventilation and lighting is developed along with accessory elements, such as light sheets.

  • 6 corrugations plus overlap
  • No development of light gaps
  • Higher protection against rain intrusion due to larger side overlaps
  • Up to 20% more installation area per operation compared with corrugated sheets with smaller sheet dimensions
  • Faster installation due to fewer fastening points
  • Corrugation overlaps are invisible, resulting in a uniform appearance


  • 1,152 x 1,250 mm
  • 1,152 x 1,600 mm
  • 1,152 x 2,000 mm
  • 1,152 x 2,500 mm

The example in dark brown is selected to represent all formats. All formats are available in the colours listed below.


natural uncoated
light grey
dark brown
classic red
dark grey