CREATON DACORA fibre cement roof and facade slates – versatile and individual.

Impressive roofscapes result using these small format fibre cement roof and facade slates from CREATON. They form attractive accents at dormers and gables or make a building striking with large-scale colour.

The advantages of our DACORA fibre cement roof and facade slates:

  • Uniform roof and facade appearance
  • Individual possibilities for combinations of pattern, shape, colour and surface
  • Weather and frost resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Break resistant and lightweight
  • Non-combustible
  • Matching accessories available

    All CREATON fibre cement roof and facade slates consist of non-combustible, robust fibre cement with a life expectancy of over 50 years. These small format roof slates and shingles also perform well in terms of energy conservation, with low energy consumption during manufacture and a favourable life cycle assessment. Every energy standard can be achieved with insulated CREATON roofs and rear ventilated facades.

    Our fibre cement roof and facade slates in three different finishes.


    Smooth CREATON fibre cement roof and facade slates emphasise ambitious architecture – especially in their linear form. With a flat surface and clear geometry, they create expansive areas in new construction and renovation.


    CREATON textured fibre cement slates are suitable for a traditional regional or even modern design. They have an effect on the overall building shell due to an exciting interplay of light and shade.


    This surface displays the characteristic structure of fibre cement quite naturally, with complete self-confidence. The stony, yet velvety feel of solid-coloured facade slates invites contact with the surface.

    Attractive roof covering with numerous traditional and modern covering patterns.

    For roof and facade

    Only for facades