The HORIZONTAL PATTERN not only creates a closed, graduated appearance. It is also the most economical roof covering with fibre cement slates. With a requirement as low as 10.5 pieces per square metre, the material price remains inexpensive for the owner. These fibre cement roof and facade slates are available in smooth, structur and natura surface finishes. The right covering for the roof: CREATON HORIZONTAL PATTERN roof slates.

  • Horizontal, graduated, closed pattern
  • Minimum roof pitch of 30° with sheathing, minimum roof pitch of 35° with battens
  • One of the most economical roof coverings with fibre cement slates
  • Fastening with slate nails and slate hooks

Formats and cuts

  • 60 x 30 cm squared perforated
  • 40 x 20 cm squared perforated
  • 30 x 20 cm squared perforated

The example in blue-black is selected to represent all formats and cuts.

Surfaces and colours

smooth blue-black
smooth dark brown
smooth classic red
smooth brick red
smooth crystal white
smooth pale grey

You can obtain the following colours in our structur and natura finishes:


  • blue-black


  • anthracite
  • natural grey
  • beige



Overview of combination possibilities:

Additional covering patterns

MOSAIC PATTERN - application for facades